This morning I awoke in a peace that quickly disappeared as I opened my email.  I received a note informing me that my character was under attack and yet again I was to go into battle.  This is insane…have you met me?  I don’t give a shit what it is you are doing because I have my own priorities to deal with…and there lies the problem.  My choice to focus on MY PRIORITIES.

I am so tired of it all.  No one wants to take accountability ever.  Everyone is looking for someone else to blame for their “misfortune”. It’s easy to say someone else is the reason that we are where we are or why we are.  Newton’s law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.  Free thought.  Individuality is never celebrated or even tolerated.

There is this nice young man who I guess is expressing interest in me but I am not interested in him because I am not.  He is not a priority.  He seems to want me to set my goals aside to spend time with him.  Instead of offering to help take this load off, he wants to talk about a future…only thinking about his wants.  Thinking I should prioritize and “compromise”.  Why? For what?

Since when did having a conversation equate to wanting a date…did I say I was interested in pursuing such a thing?  Did you ask?  Why don’t people ask these questions?  Even when I tell people what it is upfront, they desire to take on the “challenge”…what is the challenge…to change my mind?

The chains of this human existence is crushing.  No one ever said there had to be a “struggle” or that the journey had to be hard to enjoy and appreciate.  Happiness to the unhappy is the enemy.  There are so many miserable people who want you to feel what they feel.  Why?  I understand you may be hurting…we all are in some form or fashion.  It’s not a competition  regardless of how much that idea is bottled and sold.

Say what you want to say and how you want to say it.  Why should I apologize for having a voice so that you are comfortable?  Be uncomfortable for a minute or don’t care at all.  Never conform!!



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