Happy Hour Hop: VA Beach Town Center

When boredom attacks, Captain Happy Hour is always there for the rescue.  It is on rare occasion that I decide to venture out in the city of Virginia Beach.  I personally think the city is boring with no real attractions but the oceanfront.  There is really a tour bus that takes people to the oceanfront; where does the bus pick up these people? I couldn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. When I think of the beach, VA Beach ironically is never on the list.

As I was finishing up an Uber drop off…yes when I am feeling particularly unsatisfied with life I drive for Uber…anyway, I got a text from my friend Iisha inviting me to happy hour at Cheesecake Factory and since I couldn’t bear the thought of another Uber pickup at the moment I rushed to her side and I am so glad I did.

First, let me compliment Iisha on the ensemble; she was an absolute doll. I had to take a picture and she granted me an interview on how she felt when she got dressed.


Everyone say hello to Iisha.  Click picture for outfit details 🙂

Iisha said she regularly comes to Town Center and bounces around to the restaurants for a “change of scenery”.  I was like “hell yeah, let’s do this” I mean this is really it for me right now.  On this particular happy hour crawl, we patronized Cheesecake Factory, McCormick & Schmick’s, Bravo Cucina Italiana and Yard House.

Cheesecake Factory

Happy Hour is available in the bar area Monday – Friday from 4:00PM – 6:00PM. Choose from select Specialty Cocktails, Well Drinks, Wines by the Glass, Beer and Appetizers.

I ordered a cosmo.  I wanted to keep it light on my wallet because I wasn’t sure what was in store for this impromptu outing and also in the hopes a nice young sponsor would enjoy my company enough to take over paying for things lol.

McCormick & Schmicks

Happy Hour is served daily from 4pm – 7pm .  Here we met up with Yolanda, Iisha’s friend who was dining on seafood stuffed mushrooms and pear martinis (not on the happy hour menu).  I tasted the stuffed mushrooms and they  were just ok.  Nothing I would order so I am glad I got to sample before I committed.  I was pretty hungry so I ordered the McCormick’s cheeseburger mainly because it came with fries and I am addicted.  The burger could have used some seasoning but I guess that’s what the salt and pepper that was sitting on the bar was for.  I really hate having to season my food once I order it.  No spirits were consumed here, I wasn’t feeling it.

Bravo Cucina Italiana

The atmosphere was very relaxing and we barely made happy hour (3:30pm – 6:30pm) as it ends at 6:30pm…why does happy hour end so early – what time are people leaving work these days? Obviously the restaurant can afford to price the food lower for longer than 2 hours right. Here we ordered dirty martinis, peach sangria and crispy shrimp napoli.  The martini’s were strong (winning), the peach sangria was very sweet which I wasn’t a huge fan and the crispy shrimp was delicious.  I would visit again just to eat the shrimp.  If you are into shrimp, parmesan and tomatoes this is a must eat!


Yard House

We totally missed happy hour at this joint but we went to watch the basketball game.  This was the first basketball game I’ve watched all season and it was pretty good and also the NBA finals so that.  I wanted something with St. Germain and my bartender suggested and I ordered a drink named “The Refresher”.  The positive: the drink had St. Germain. We ordered the duck fat potatoes to snack on while we watched the game but quickly sent them back once we tasted them.  To replace that terrible suggestion we ordered the moo shu egg rolls and crispy duck wings.  They were a great combination.  The egg rolls had a lot of flavor and the duck wings tasted like chicken and waffles without the chicken and waffles.


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