Foodie Hell Tale: Hair of the Dog



When you just don’t give a damn what you sell anymore.  This is what today’s culinary journey revealed. I can see the detest and taste the lack of emotion that went into this meal. What happened to you chef? What’s the story here? I had to add ketchup to my plate…not a good indicator of deliciousness. Ketchup though wasn’t enough, I also added salt and pepper and you know my aversion to having to add extra seasoning.


I ordered “The Cavalier”. It has two eggs anyway with my choice of meat (sausage), bread (English muffin) and potatoes for $7. The name describes the chef’s mood apparently when he was in the kitchen and it showed.  I did however order 2 Pama Peach Mimosas. I should have just had a liquid breakfast. This mimosa has PAMA (not sure use Google), peach schnapps, citrus fusion champagne and fresh squeezed OJ. Tasty! Believe it or not, these are the same drink, hilarious.


The food tastes like Marijuana needs to be legalized.


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