I had a dream: 6/12/16

I often tell people my dreams because they are insane. Last night’s dream wasn’t any different. The dream had several parts but the piece I will focus on is the plane. I was on a plane and I heard this lady singing. She sang so well I thought the radio was playing. She was sitting a couple of rows behind me, this older white lady with brown hair and glasses and red lips. She was filled with spirit. She honestly couldn’t stop herself from singing and I was brought to silence and shyness. I couldn’t look at her without bowing my head. I forced myself to look at her and listen to this lovely sound of God escaping her vessel.  When we landed in Orlando, I think this was a layover I’m not sure; I didn’t know where I was flying, I was excited to tell someone about this amazing flight.

Interesting enough when I awoke, there was a message on my phone stating there was a shooting in an Orlando night club where at least 42 were injured and 20 people died. This shit is crazy.



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