Saturday Night is date night


And when you are dating yourself the possibilities are endless…ly depressing. So it’s Saturday night and I decided to go out for a meal per usual and found myself at Bravo’s again.  I was just here the night before and I’m trying to be a grown up and treat myself to better meals.  Is there some unwritten rule that declares all bar areas must play sports or the news I mean come on people why nit Coney Central? You don’t know that I’m on a date right now because I am alone but I want to make my girl laugh while I martini and dine her. I asked the bartender to change the channel from sports and guess what…he changed it to soccer. Gotta be very specific I’m finding.

I decided to strike up a conversation with the guy next to me. Didn’t exchange names but he is in town for work and is meeting up with a young lady he met on the dating app Bumble. We discussed dating now vs. dating then and we were not seeing eye to eye. I prefer a more direct approach meaning say what you mean and want and mean what you say. That may be why I’m single…no one really wants to hear the truth or they don’t ask the proper follow up questions…


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