YNot Wednesday

First let me say, during this period of joy and relaxation also known as unemployment, I have been venturing out into the city of VA Beach and stumbled upon  (I was invited to) “YNot Wednesday sponsored by YNot pizza. Apparently this is a weekly music series where every week different artists with different genres of music showcase for the masses and folks like me order pizza or whatever food is nearby and enjoy being outside with a cover band.

This week’so feature performance is Action Jackson. I have no clue what genre they are because they are playing and singing whatever comes up in the iPad.  Enough about them.

My crew and I are ordering as many drinks as possible during happy hour and taking a break from our day to enjoy Wednesday. On today’s menu, we ordered lemon drop martinis, mojitos,  vodka tonics, chardonnay  (lots of it), tuna tartar and calamari.  We are going in…I’m still here as I write this and it’s fantastic!

There is so much to life to enjoy so why wait until the weekend when you have Wednesday.





Coast to Coast Tuna & Perfect Lemon Drop



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