I found Fangtasia

Or “Winners” as it is so affectionately called by the locals. After a long day of vibing out I needed to get out and get a release because I’m dating The Danish Girl. About this Cosmopolitan though…it is quite interesting. Tastes nothing like a cosmo I’m used to which may be why I’m falling in love with it with each sip.  We are supposed to go look at rings tomorrow but I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.  This sounds real cute and universal but if Brad and  Angelina can’t make it we are doomed. Is it gay to want to be a husband? Is it gay to want to be a wife? You gotta hear this lady at the bar’s laugh…it is full and so is she. Her laugh though makes me smile talking about it…who doesn’t want to laugh?  The temperature of the wings confuses me. The fries are really hot but the chicken bones are holdable. I ordered another beverage. The chicken wings flavors are garlic teriyaki and firecracker.  The word “nigger” in this place is called “cartoon” lmao. Also “goo” lmao.  The chicken wings were cooked yesterday lol. “Everybody ok” means free beers lol.


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  1. I really dig your writing! Please keep writing!

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