Why Uber is the best job in the world

Anybody with a car can do it!! Anybody!! There are no yearly performance reviews. They give you notice when your documents are about to expire to keep you driving, like an employer is supposed to. They keep you informed so you can make arrangements because they depend on you and your vehicle to make money. If you aren’t on the streets they are in the red and if that doesn’t foster employee satisfaction I don’t know what does.

Have I been in an Uber accident – yes I have!

Contributor edit 2/11/2017:

Bill Forsyth, world renowned CEO of AppPax, lover of Mary Todd haircuts and all-around great guy was asked by me to add to this piece.  Bill Uber’s everywhere…unless it is within walking distance. He is my resident Uber expert and go to guy. Bill’s dope!!  Bill update your blog!!! (Forsyth: The Light Is On)

“Where are you located?”, the voice over the phone says to me. Aren’t you Uber? Why am I on the phone with you at all? You have it right in front of you. You are using the GPS why are you talking to me? You have a guide. Isn’t that the point of Uber? Why is it that everyone, but you, just shows up? “You don’t know anything about computers”? “What is the Internets”?? Cancel.

Dear readers, Atalaya is dooooooope! She is an amazing writer, super bright, super sexy, super funny, and an overall incredible person…so if you want to be entertained and enlightened, read her blog. That is all. Ciao.




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