2 Days After I Moved In He Said his Therapist said he NEEDS inpatient mental care

2 Days After I Moved In He Said his Therapist said he NEEDS inpatient mental care!!!

I do not have a great track record with roommates and this was no exception.  I was living in a city that was by all definitions of the word “tired”, it was that tired. And I was tired. Tired of everything and the last thing I was going to do was sign another lease to extend my stay in the city that never was.

I asked a “friend” if  he was interested in renting a bedroom to me because I didn’t want all the paperwork and another contract.  We agreed on a number and that was that. Since I never toured the house prior to asking and pure not giving a shit I watched this man throw his daughter’s shit out of her room in front of her just so I could rent her room.  She didn’t live with her father on an everyday basis but I assume that’s where she slept when she was there.

SO I had forgotten that I was in the same room as him one time he was jacking off.  I told him it was cool because I was curious if he could jack off with me in the room and he did to completion but I forgot because that wasn’t for me…that was for him.  That’s what friends do especially after you tell them on multiple occasions there is no way in hell we will ever have sex. I’m not interested.  So I put it out of my head because it was the least interesting thing happening in my life.

I thought we were on the same page but then I saw how he damaged my furniture when he was “helping” me move.  If you give a damn about your shit never ask a friend. You will need a receipt.  You pay PROFESSIONALS!!! You hire people to do this shit.  This nigga is a DJ.  Do not ask a DJ to help you move your dresser or your dining room table.  Ask them to move things they use everyday that they get paid for.  It was a mistake!

The entire scene was a mistake.

He tried me so many times.  I assume he wanted me to snap on his ass daily but I didn’t care about his ass, then or now.  Terrible.

Sometimes I wish people could meet themselves and see how they like it!! Irritating.  Do you need to know that you irritate me?  You NEED to know this?? Too much. You’re too much.


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