Screenshots of the Week 2/24/17

Jidenna  – how long have you been dead? “Bambi Bambi My dear my dear my dear” 😍😍😍😍😍screenshot_20170223-121642

There was no YouTube for this selection so if you are down with Spotify click the link below to listen to GOT IT GOOD by KAYTRANADA


Long story.  Thanks Robins Financial Credit Union (I say that smugly).  The moral of this story is…when you move out, take ALL YOUR SHIT…no more communications!


This shit went hard at 1:14 PM  a few days ago.  Remy Ma had to go to prison to make it happen.  She had to. Left click below for audio.


From Peru to Los Angeles, A. Chal hits.  My ears picked up his west coast influence in this song and it’s pretty dope.  The video hits too!!  Left click pic for audio.


DJ Khaled is my shit!!!  They didn’t want him to have another sandwich so he bought a franchise”.  He just keeps winning…but all he do is win so there you have it.  He is the most positive speaking person I have ever seen in my life. He’s always talking success.  He loves that!  Whatever keys to wins Khaled giving away sign me up, me love dat! I respek dat!  He uses words that I don’t use in my common speak…yet.


V-day roses still hanging in there.  Bigger post on those roses coming later.


I really dig Frank Ocean.  #blackkingsonly #instagram  Pink and White instrumental below.


#ursh: I had a dream and these letters were on a building so I decided to look them up on twitter and I saw this picture of this person laid out and I said to myself that I would like to have this graphic on a t-shirt.  Also, that scribble scrabble language looks real peaceful and loving.

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