Bookmarked: Buttermilk Kitchen

The chicken biscuit with the bite. The plan was to take a picture before I went in on my meal but the staff thought it would be cute to turn off the outside heating lamp as we were receiving our food. I take any opportunity to sit outside if possible. I had a fit. I was offered a space heater as a consolation prize. No I don’t want a heater for my feet, I want a lamp for my body. After the heat lamp returned to its original on position, I could focus on the task at hand…eating breakfast.

Bill ordered the full stack pancakes with a side of sausage and eggs over easy. The pancakes WILL feed 2 maybe 3 people. The portion size was alarming to my eyes. The flavor was good but the pancakes didn’t make me salivate. They are just your regular, run of the mill pancakes. That’s it.

I ordered the chicken biscuit which is served with pimento cheese grits and pickles. The chicken biscuit appears to be a fan favorite here. I haven’t had a pimento anything in 20 years and my memories weren’t positive but I was open. Was I supposed to put the pickles on my biscuit? I don’t know if I ate it properly. What are the rules?  The portion size was good but I wish I could have gotten more pepper jelly to biscuit. It was so much biscuit.  I took the top biscuit off because it was more distracting than delicious. 

The breakfast crowd pours in around 9am and it fills up. Who knew?

Would I return? Yes, of course. There are so many items that I want to try. Also, Buttermilk Kitchen has a Saturday and Sunday brunch and I love a good brunch. I will revisit once the warm weather sticks and the lamps are a non-factor.


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