Why would you ever want to use a post-it when you can use a whole sheet of paper? I can write comfortably and it all fits.  I originally wrote this out on a sheet of paper. This would never fit on one post-it.  What a great business – convince people to be brief when the nature of humans is to be long winded so they have to use up tiny squares of sticky paper and have to buy more when they could use a sheet of paper.

I had a conversation with a guy who asked me if I was Agile…Agile is a project management methodology not a class of people.  Buzzwords allow us to fake it until we make it. Yes I am Agile.  I am also Waterfall.  I am Iterative.  I am get the job done.

Why doesn’t Chick-fil-a open on Sundays? Is there a Chick-fil-a farm? Lucky chickens. Best. Kept. Secret. If only those chickens knew their fate they would fall on their swords.

Listen to three “Shirley” songs back to back and tell me you won’t have a great day.  “I’m sleeping with your co-worker’s husband” – those are Shirley songs.  How could you not want to sleep with a Shirley?  Say Shirley and not laugh. Shirley.


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