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Once a bridge is burned is it safe to drive over

Bridges burn? 

What is this bridge made of? 

The components in a bridge are flammable.

Deteriorate with excessive heat.

Was it ever reliable? 

You want to rebuild the bridge? Why? It’s been proven the bridge can be replaced.  Detour.  The flow is different. What say you bridge? What are you telling me? Definiteness of purpose.


G Wagon?

A few days ago I wanted to rent a Mercedes G Wagon because it’s my dream car, that maroon one though, and I did not because my search returned the Mercedes GLA and if you are over 5’7″ or if you have big hair this car is not for you. It’s not for anyone. I think they had some scraps laying around and and a working motor on the floor and you have the Mercedes GLA.

Is it everything I think it is or is it just a status I am attracted to? I would love to find out.

Anthem* *useless

We got it rockin over here at Wilder Enterprises.

A city of people almost getting run over.

Listening to Ro James Permission and watching Trevor talk about traffic lights.  He comes from Africa you know…he never lets you forget it. Ever.  Every other word…Africa said real breathy.  Oh yeah, did you also know he was born a crime…I’ll wait.

Left side. Left wrist. Left hand.

Beats and Diaries

Do you have a diary?

Do you have Beats by Dre headphones?

If the answer is yes to both of those questions this is for you.

Private and group sessions available. Contact me for details.