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Questions for Beyoncé

My phone doesn’t know who you are yet.

  1. Do you watch The Sopranos? Meadow is loosing her shit
  2. What is a question that makes you feel good?
  3. What year is The Sopranos set in?
  4. What does 4:44 mean?

Girls in heels with guns

My boss thought it would be a good idea to go to a gun range and shoot guns in heels. 

She was right.  

I was surprisingly accurate but more than that I felt cute, head shots. My feet were paralyzed from the walk across the parking lot to the entrance, mentioning the hiring freeze apparently in effect – more staff please.

Stoddard’s Gun Range was my place of choice . The counter guy asked me if I knew how to shoot a pistol. No. The pistol shooting class starts at noon and it’s $25 for 30 minutes of pistol training.  Pretty basic.

The real fun is loading the cannon and pulling the trigger.

So what’s new Atlanta?