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When you ask to use a friend’s bathroom


Questions for Beyoncé

My phone doesn’t know who you are yet.

  1. Do you watch The Sopranos? Meadow is loosing her shit
  2. What is a question that makes you feel good?
  3. What year is The Sopranos set in?
  4. What does 4:44 mean?

Just got in Formation!!

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation, fellas too!! Cause I slay!! Weekend Winedown is now on Tidal!!! I see it I want it!! I twirl on my haters!!

Got anything else to say pull up…

Nah, nigga this ain’t third grade. Get ya game up!!

Weekend Winedown 3/31/2017

It was an absolute pleasure listening to this fantastic music and discovering artists that make me want to go on tour with them so I can witness their greatness.  Music videos are a lost art that I hope finds it way back to television.  I never though I would long for a music video program dedicated to spreading the word on talented artists and their work.  Enjoy!!

For my Spotify folks, click here.

Anthem* *useless

We got it rockin over here at Wilder Enterprises.

A city of people almost getting run over.

Listening to Ro James Permission and watching Trevor talk about traffic lights.  He comes from Africa you know…he never lets you forget it. Ever.  Every other word…Africa said real breathy.  Oh yeah, did you also know he was born a crime…I’ll wait.

Left side. Left wrist. Left hand.