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Excuses are hella corny

A part of being grown is not having to make an excuse right? I hear excuses on a daily basis…this being one of them:

can you believe this

Let’s analyze:

“Per my feedback”…I am the final decision maker. It was a decision.

“We have work on Update Profile photo but somehow I was logged in with your account and just tested functionality then profile pic has been updated.”

Not my profile pic

“This is not major concern as we are in development phase.” That is why I am telling you what I told. Development. Phase….”not a major concern”. This is never an answer you want to hear from your developer.

@flynautdma is the Instagram handle. Check them out!


Positivity: Day 13

My role as PM on the PLUS project is coming to an end this week. Don’t you fret, my new role as BA starts in a few days. I am blessed to say that I am using my talents to produce a fantastic product. When you use PLUS you are getting Atalaya in a bottle. How lucky are you?!

This morning my designer meeting was very short. That’s how the end of a project should be. Tying loose ends not discovering missed requirements.

I’m so tired and deserve a break but no worries rest shall soon come. After this week, my attention turns to the business and fundraising side of Neo and One. I’m looking forward to devoting my time to learning the ropes of running a SaaS company. I expect it to be a very informative and transformative time.

I also created a great lower body gym workout and I’m fighting sleep like Floyd Mayweather beating everybody. In the event you’re interested it’s 4 reps of these 5 moves, 45 secs each:

  • Wall sits
  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Hip abduction
  • Calf raises

Use comfortable weights due to the reps. I also included an hour of cardio so I will be in a coma tonight. Stretch and drink plenty of water.

Looking forward to the boo’s famous spaghetti and a nice glass of wine. My babe works very hard everyday and still has time to cook dinner, what a keeper. I spoil him with breakfast every morning because I want his cylinders firing at peak performance. Takes a lot of energy to bring home all the bacon. By the way he loves thick cut bacon.

Contemplating recording videos instead of writing sometimes…we shall see.