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Thru Your Phone

How long do you stay in one place and it’s not working? Do I look at all the factors and decide “well, which one of you is it that’s killing my vibe?” Or do I throw the whole plan away? I need to know what’s going to make this improve.

Starting a list:

  • Well there’s me
  • Is it my location?
  • What don’t I think is working?
  • What’s not giving me pleasure?
  • What do I want to improve?
  • Am I doing the things I want to do?
  • What are the things I want to do?

Or is it working? Is this a part of the process?

I’m just going to twerk.


Positivity: Day 12

Today has been very extra… because I was an extra on Star, the Fox series.  Being on set has been very eye-opening.

I am grateful for the experience because I determined I am cut out to be the talent, not the background.

There were people on set who needed to leave to pick up their kids and the crew was like “let us look into that for you” and never returned LOL.

All Money isn’t good money?

I always thought the love of money meant and included all Money. Short money. Long money. Money of all denominations. Including the pesos. You literally can’t give them away. You don’t have to exchange currency. But all Money isn’t good money. What does that money mean to your brand?

What is your brand? What is your vision? What is your dream clientele? What is your motivation? What inspired them to choose you? What was most important to them and are you providing it?

Makes sense right but how do you view it? The picture. It’s all about the picture. It’s great to use a demo. Value. Money doesn’t equate value. What does that mean?

What is important to the brand is important to the Company. The Company works for the brand. The brand is one thing the Company is another. It’s the battery. It’s the machine but the face is the brand. And branding is everything.

You only want YOUR money. Brand money. Is there anything else?

Once a bridge is burned is it safe to drive over

Bridges burn? 

What is this bridge made of? 

The components in a bridge are flammable.

Deteriorate with excessive heat.

Was it ever reliable? 

You want to rebuild the bridge? Why? It’s been proven the bridge can be replaced.  Detour.  The flow is different. What say you bridge? What are you telling me? Definiteness of purpose.

Beats and Diaries

Do you have a diary?

Do you have Beats by Dre headphones?

If the answer is yes to both of those questions this is for you.

Private and group sessions available. Contact me for details.