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Ok Google spell illiterate

If you can’t read this won’t affect you…

My conversations with Google are hilarious.

My conversations with Alexa are hilarious.

Going to find out if they are friends…

That’s what’s up. No hesitation…she did hesitate spelling “hesitate” aloud. They always keeps me going with the laughs, Google and Alexa.

Word son!

I sent myself into a tailspin reacquainting these two this morning. With so many Google products in my possession saying “ok Google” sent me into a screenshot panic. However with super fast Twitter fingers I cropped the video and it played past 3 seconds.



When reading a blog, rarely do I care what makes you an expert.  I do not research your validity, your background, college, current profession or name.  It’s the topic Mr. Anderson…it’s what I Googled.  It’s what returned.  Where are these people searching for answers on your background on the internet?

It smells.  It’s the taste.  Your facts sound good, prestigious…I didn’t get past the third word in your bio.  Keep it short, keep it factual, shrugs.  Make it sound like music to my ears.

Once a bridge is burned is it safe to drive over

Bridges burn? 

What is this bridge made of? 

The components in a bridge are flammable.

Deteriorate with excessive heat.

Was it ever reliable? 

You want to rebuild the bridge? Why? It’s been proven the bridge can be replaced.  Detour.  The flow is different. What say you bridge? What are you telling me? Definiteness of purpose.

Beats and Diaries

Do you have a diary?

Do you have Beats by Dre headphones?

If the answer is yes to both of those questions this is for you.

Private and group sessions available. Contact me for details.