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Weekend Winedown 5/19/2017

Kids. There is never a situation I need to be around a child. My roommate has kids and his daughter asked me if I worked for her dad…doing what? What job would I possibly do here that required your dad to kick you out of your bedroom? I was watching a TLC commercial and the chick asked how would you tell identical twins apart and my first thought was to take a picture of the baby with its name written on it and hang it around its neck…that was my first thought.

Anywho, here is some music I liked yesterday.  Enjoy your weekend!!



Weekend Winedown 3/31/2017

It was an absolute pleasure listening to this fantastic music and discovering artists that make me want to go on tour with them so I can witness their greatness.  Music videos are a lost art that I hope finds it way back to television.  I never though I would long for a music video program dedicated to spreading the word on talented artists and their work.  Enjoy!!

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