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Weekend Winedown 5/19/2017

Kids. There is never a situation I need to be around a child. My roommate has kids and his daughter asked me if I worked for her dad…doing what? What job would I possibly do here that required your dad to kick you out of your bedroom? I was watching a TLC commercial and the chick asked how would you tell identical twins apart and my first thought was to take a picture of the baby with its name written on it and hang it around its neck…that was my first thought.

Anywho, here is some music I liked yesterday.  Enjoy your weekend!!



Weekend Winedown 4/14/2017

When work and vacation collide…it’s a beautiful thing!!

I need a break from adulting and it couldn’t have come any sooner! Priorities out the window, well all but one of course, before I shut down my brain for the next 5 days. Sunshine, laughter and love are what’s on my menu. I hope everyone has something special planned for themselves this weekend.  If not, it’s never too late to make a date with yourself if you are the loner type or with friends and let loose.

It’s the weekend baby!!

I will definitely be having several cocktails and listening to great music!  Enjoy.

Spotify folks click here.  Honorable mention goes out to Enneai.  YouTube is behind the times on this but Spotify isn’t.

Weekend Winedown 3/31/2017

It was an absolute pleasure listening to this fantastic music and discovering artists that make me want to go on tour with them so I can witness their greatness.  Music videos are a lost art that I hope finds it way back to television.  I never though I would long for a music video program dedicated to spreading the word on talented artists and their work.  Enjoy!!

For my Spotify folks, click here.

2/25/2017 9:05pm EST

2/25/2017 9:05pm  – 9:46pm EST

>> Click here>> Whoa…then I had to play Black Rob #whoa.  I just heard SHeTher, #RemyMa went in and made her comedic debut at Nicki Minaj’s expense, and I immediately got to work.  I could not be lazy. I could not be still. I am typing this right now. She goes in on this track and you could feel it coming from a mile away. We are overdue for a rap beef.

A lot of things happened today:

  1. I exercised my religious beliefs today and the lady responded with , “now, that’s crazy” LMAO….still funny.
  2. Jordan Peele got an A+ with “Get Out“. Go see that shit so we can talk about it.  If you have seen that shit, let’s talk!!
  3. Master Blaster was in my head all day “jammin til the break ove dawn“.
  4. Billy really does have great taste in music.  He needs to share his playlists with me.
  5. ad23d4e1-7f06-42c1-af67-8a183196d131
  6. Got BLESSED!! Thank you God. God bless you!!
  7. Warmed my hands under Bill’s balls in the Uber.
  8. All Uber drivers…all of y’all need to watch Vampire in Brooklyn…there is one scene in there that is seasoned to perfection for y’alls asses. Also, f**k you too.  If you know your car scent is sour…and I tell you…don’t act like you didn’t know this car STANK.  Stop driving; take your car to your nearest car wash/detail IMMEDIATELY. Two words: tax write-off. Uber I blame you for this. I am sure your customers leaving their jobs or homes, they hate…really hate to have any part of their day ruined sitting in one of your “VIP” level cars not knowing that the driver secretly hates his passengers (yeah fellas it’s mostly you)…GET IT TOGETHER!  YouTube has a bootleg version of Vampire in Brooklyn and if you choose to watch, skip ahead to minute 31:31 and get your life.
  9. Lastly sit back, relax and listen to some Stevie Wonder and roll up…it just feels good.  Here’s one of my faves to get you started:

Weekend Winedown 2/17/2017

It has been a hell of a week and if you are anything like me you need a quick pick me up. For this week’s Weekend Winedown, I chose artists who inspire me and get my spirit going.  Put on your headphones or turn up your speakers, grab a glass of wine and vibe out! Relax, relate, release!!