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Thoughts on this design…Too much? Not enough? Boring? Too exciting?


Supporting Entrepreneurs

I am all about spreading the word on programs and people I believe in.

The Atlanta Ascend 2020 program partners with nonprofit community lender Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Georgia Tech’s ATDC incubator, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and TechSquare Labs, providing an invaluable network for any entrepreneur just starting out.

A three-phase program, it allows education, pre-acceleration, and mentoring to help shape and lift minority-led startups by providing access to resources and networks that may be otherwise hidden.

#support https://www.f6s.com/neoandone


Just got in Formation!!

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation, fellas too!! Cause I slay!! Weekend Winedown is now on Tidal!!! I see it I want it!! I twirl on my haters!!

Got anything else to say pull up…

Nah, nigga this ain’t third grade. Get ya game up!!

Now hiring…Now firing

I got fired.

Yes I did.

I was in shock even though I felt it coming. I was tired of fighting a losing battle.  I left them with no options. My manager couldn’t take me or my ideas. They were effective, better yet, working. In my last days as an employee, I attended meeting after meeting where I was told THE WAY I’m doing my job is not the company way.

It isn’t? Who was supposed to lead me? The Director preparing for a body building competition and not her first meeting of the day? Or the new manager whose wife beats his balls to a pulp?   Home life tragedies.

On firing day, my manager leaped from his desk with lightning speed when I cancelled his meeting to discuss my development and his role in it. He didn’t have an office. His desk was adjacent to mine.  Adjacent. He wanted me to scoot (his word) across the aisle for public private meetings.

I can see and hear you from here thanks.

Where in the job description does it say “leave my brain at the door“?

On what day did you decide you knew what’s best for me stranger?

Does your manager confuse employment with modern day slavery? Did your employer have security escort you out of the building? Are you still in fired status? I would love to hear from you. A celebration is in order!! Share your story here!!