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Passion Project

Thinking about this term I spin in circles like a dog chasing it’s tail.  Projects are my passion.  I am not sure when this love affair began but it burns inside me.  I created a project, PLUS, to share my love for projects with the world.

A project always creates something new.  A project allows me to reach into the depths of my mind and create a masterpiece.  I usually talk to customers.  They are the recipients of my passion.  It takes a lot of work to create magic from flames.  It’s a full body experience.  A project dictates my moves and actions.

When I look at PLUS I say to myself, this was an idea…IN MY HEAD!!  The beauty exists in knowing it is possible.  It’s what I believe giving birth feels like.  Like any other birth, you want to be very careful who DELIVERS your baby.  I’m currently involved in a back alley basement birth while getting illegal butt shots project situation so there is hope on the horizon.