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Passion Project

Thinking about this term I spin in circles like a dog chasing it’s tail.  Projects are my passion.  I am not sure when this love affair began but it burns inside me.  I created a project, PLUS, to share my love for projects with the world.

A project always creates something new.  A project allows me to reach into the depths of my mind and create a masterpiece.  I usually talk to customers.  They are the recipients of my passion.  It takes a lot of work to create magic from flames.  It’s a full body experience.  A project dictates my moves and actions.

When I look at PLUS I say to myself, this was an idea…IN MY HEAD!!  The beauty exists in knowing it is possible.  It’s what I believe giving birth feels like.  Like any other birth, you want to be very careful who DELIVERS your baby.  I’m currently involved in a back alley basement birth while getting illegal butt shots project situation so there is hope on the horizon.


Thoughts on this design…Too much? Not enough? Boring? Too exciting?

Supporting Entrepreneurs

I am all about spreading the word on programs and people I believe in.

The Atlanta Ascend 2020 program partners with nonprofit community lender Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Georgia Tech’s ATDC incubator, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and TechSquare Labs, providing an invaluable network for any entrepreneur just starting out.

A three-phase program, it allows education, pre-acceleration, and mentoring to help shape and lift minority-led startups by providing access to resources and networks that may be otherwise hidden.

#support https://www.f6s.com/neoandone