Ok Google spell illiterate

If you can’t read this won’t affect you…

My conversations with Google are hilarious.

My conversations with Alexa are hilarious.

Going to find out if they are friends…

That’s what’s up. No hesitation…she did hesitate spelling “hesitate” aloud. They always keeps me going with the laughs, Google and Alexa.

Word son!

I sent myself into a tailspin reacquainting these two this morning. With so many Google products in my possession saying “ok Google” sent me into a screenshot panic. However with super fast Twitter fingers I cropped the video and it played past 3 seconds.


Thru Your Phone

How long do you stay in one place and it’s not working? Do I look at all the factors and decide “well, which one of you is it that’s killing my vibe?” Or do I throw the whole plan away? I need to know what’s going to make this improve.

Starting a list:

  • Well there’s me
  • Is it my location?
  • What don’t I think is working?
  • What’s not giving me pleasure?
  • What do I want to improve?
  • Am I doing the things I want to do?
  • What are the things I want to do?

Or is it working? Is this a part of the process?

I’m just going to twerk.

Pissed off to the max

First let me say, if you are reading this it is not too late.  As a former Flynaut client, I would never recommend hiring them for software development.
Right out of the gate, Flynaut did not adhere to our agreement terms and didn’t meet their commitments to my project. The CEO and the CTO were very welcoming and engaged BEFORE the contract was signed but after that conversations ended with such phrases as the CEO saying things like “I don’t read emails”.  Well he also didn’t answer phone calls.  After Flynaut received my initial payment (October 2017) it was all downhill from there. I gave them the tools to complete my project (e.g. money and a prototype) and to date I have no usable product, code or designs.
Let my experience be a cautionary tale on not choosing a development company based upon a budget. DO NOT DO IT!!!! My project was so behind schedule I only made the initial payment.

For my project, Flynaut never met a delivery date – NEVER.  My project had a completion date of April 30, 2018.  The dates they provided in my agreement were unachievable with the number of resources assigned to my project as that information was none of my business according to Flynaut management.  I was understanding because I know the project lifecycle isn’t always smooth but there was no progress. Flynaut took no action on their side to bring on more or even qualified resources to ensure the product would be delivered on time or even at all.  I showed Flynaut’s CTO the work that was done and he agreed it was below quality and said he would make the necessary changes to ensure my project was completed on schedule.  That was in February.

Flynaut had enough notice and awareness of issues identified to intervene but I was wasting my breath.  The development team classified my direction and requirements for my project as “feedback”.  The project was assigned to a BA/PM/Developer named “Ankit”. This guy created a development plan and left off items that were in scope.  How frustrating!!  When I spoke to management, Shadab and Ayman, and informed them that the assigned Dev team was not developing according to the requirements and needed to be removed immediately, what I received in return was an email that said that that they wanted to keep Ankit on the project and an invoice for work that is so obviously not complete.  At this point, I had already entered 101 JIRA tickets and we weren’t even close to half way through the project…101 JIRA TICKETS LISTING DEFECTS!!! I received several emails asking me to provide approval on work that was “complete” from Ankit and the project coordinator, Rabhina.
They assigned two PMs to my project and couldn’t identify issues with their development plan, development or that it was impossible to deliver my project with the number of resources assigned. SMH. This is a direct quote from me during one of our exchanges: “Please schedule a meeting if you need me to walk you through or if you would like to voice why you aren’t making the changes yet seeking my approval.” Jira tickets I entered were marked complete and ready for retest but no updates were made.  I welcome anybody at Flynaut to go in an verify the JIRA tickets are complete and ready for retest.
Working with Flynaut was a living nightmare. I have worked on many projects in my career and this experience by far has been the worst.  Unbelievably, positively the worst experience of my life.  Save time, money and sanity. I have pictures, emails and videos if you are considering this company for your development needs.  There is room for improvement but it would entail firing everyone from the CEO to the janitor.

Passion Project

Thinking about this term I spin in circles like a dog chasing it’s tail.  Projects are my passion.  I am not sure when this love affair began but it burns inside me.  I created a project, PLUS, to share my love for projects with the world.

A project always creates something new.  A project allows me to reach into the depths of my mind and create a masterpiece.  I usually talk to customers.  They are the recipients of my passion.  It takes a lot of work to create magic from flames.  It’s a full body experience.  A project dictates my moves and actions.

When I look at PLUS I say to myself, this was an idea…IN MY HEAD!!  The beauty exists in knowing it is possible.  It’s what I believe giving birth feels like.  Like any other birth, you want to be very careful who DELIVERS your baby.  I’m currently involved in a back alley basement birth while getting illegal butt shots project situation so there is hope on the horizon.

Excuses are hella corny

A part of being grown is not having to make an excuse right? I hear excuses on a daily basis…this being one of them:

can you believe this

Let’s analyze:

“Per my feedback”…I am the final decision maker. It was a decision.

“We have work on Update Profile photo but somehow I was logged in with your account and just tested functionality then profile pic has been updated.”

Not my profile pic

“This is not major concern as we are in development phase.” That is why I am telling you what I told. Development. Phase….”not a major concern”. This is never an answer you want to hear from your developer.

@flynautdma is the Instagram handle. Check them out!


Music is how I’m expressing myself today.  I feel good.

My LinkedIn connection hasn’t been functioning lately.  I know a lot of you check me out thru there but I don’t know what to tell ya.  If you found me, check out some great music today.  These artists blew me away on the way to work this morning.

I drove behind a guy who refused to get near the speed limit but it was cool.  I wasn’t in a hurry.  It was calming knowing no one would cut me off.  No one ever cuts off the slow guy and especially not two.  No one was getting in front of me and if they did they were welcome.  I wanted to hang with him but he would have come to a complete stop.

Dinosaur farts.  If that was the name of a donut you would eat it.  Put a marshmallow on it…you know who you are.

What’s the perfect musical marriage? I love music and I also love watching television. I want to listen to music, watch tv while being filmed for tv, sing, smoke and make money all at the same time.  Like the Kardashians.  Live that life…an exercise.